You Don’t Have To Win To Be A Winner

With the Olympics currently going on there is a lot of talk about winning . Yes, to win an Olympic medal is the dream of many an althlete . Olympic gold is the most sought after , but many are perfectly happy just winning a medal, any medal . And then, there are those that think you cannnot be a winner if you don’t actually win .

While it’s great to win a medal or trophy , being a winner is about more than that . It is about the kind of person you are . It is about being strong in the face of adversity . It’s about putting yourself out there when you are not at your best and making it through .

Simone Biles and Naomi Osaki are winners, and I’m not talking about just in sports . They both had the courage to put their struggles with mental illness out there for everyone to see . They chose to do what was right for them even though it mean criticism . And no matter how harsh that criticism got, they didn’t let it get to them . Young girls look up to them . They are the kind of posititive role models we need.

So, no , you don’t to have to win to be a winner . Never let anyone tell you otherwise .

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