Simone and Naomi : They Had The Courage To Not Be Okay

When Simone Biles made the decision to put her mental health first , rather than continue competing , much like Naomi Osaka did, people went crazy . And not in a good way .

As soon as her decision was made public , the internet was awash with people criticizing her. The worst of it has been on Twitter with people saying she let down her country and her team . She’s been called weak and has basically been vilified by the Twitterverse , as it’s called . Her most vocal critic being Piers Morgan .

It wasn’t enough for Piers Morgan to write a scathing column about Simone Biles for the Daily Mail . He then took to Twitter multiple times to continue his tirade against her . When you think about it , he’s being quite hypocritical. I seem to recall how people did the same thing to him when he walked off the set of Good Morning Britain. He didn’t like it one bit , yet he turns around and does it to a young woman who is doing what is right for her.

He needs to look at how his words and actions make people perceive him . People that include his 9 year-old daughter . Is this the example he really wants to be setting for her? What if someday, in his mind , she disappoints him ? Will he behave the same way towards her as he has towards Simone Biles ? I , for one , hope not .

I applaud Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka for having the courage to put their mental health first. They have showed the world that , in Naomi Osaka’s words , ” It’s okay to not be okay . ”

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