Accidents Will Happen , Even Tragic Ones .

Accidents will happen . Even tragic ones . Case in point , the accident on the set of the film, ” Rust ” , of which Alec Baldwin is a producer and also acting in . While either rehearsing or filming a scene , Mr. Baldwin was using a prop gun which , according to reports , had a live round in it and which was accidentally discharged , unfortunately taking life of cinematographer Hylena Hutchins and injuring one other person .

An investigation is taking place , and Mr. Baldwin is fully cooperating as he said in a statement on his Twitter account . Elsewhere on the internet are many people who are using this as an opportunity to vilify Mr. Baldwin and make jokes at his expense . It was a prop gun, which usually holds blanks . Mr. Baldwin could not have known that there was a live round inside .

While he can be outspoken and does have his detractors, to attack him after such a horrifying experience is uncalled for and unconscionable.

While my heart , of course , goes out to the family of Hylena Hutchins , it goes out to Mr. Baldwin as well. None of us can begin to imagine what he is going through right now , the horror and guilt that he must be feeling . This is something he will have to live with every day for the rest of his life .

So instead of crucifying Mr. Baldwin , put yourself in his place . How would you feel if this happened to you ? Think about it . Compassion is not an accident . Neither is understanding. Mr. Baldwin deserves both .

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