It’s A New Delta Dawn

It’s a new Delta Dawn. I’m not talking about a remake of the classic Tanya Tucker song . I’m talking about the Delta variant of Covid-19 . Much more contagious and transmissable , the Delta variant isn’t kidding around .

While people who are fully vaccinated can still get Covid including it’s variants , people who are unvaccinated are accounting for most of the recent hospitalizations and deaths due to covid .

It has never been said that getting vaccinated would keep anyone from getting Covid . What has been said is that if you are vaccinated and do get Covid, it will most likely be a milder case that would not require hospitalization.

And let’s not forget masks . Coupled with vaccination, masks provide extra armor against Covid , not to mention other airborne illnesses . Many people have said they have not gotten a cold or the flu since they started wearing masks .

With so much misinformation about the vaccines and people not wanting to get the shots or wear a mask , it’s no surprise that Covid , including it’s variants is on the rise again .

So, how can we help combat this often deadly virus ? Get vaccinated . Wear a mask . Let’s stop this new Delta Dawn . Let’s kick Covid to the curb .

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