They Released him. They Let Him Go

By now, we’ve all heard about Bill Cosby’s release from prison . He wasn’t released because he was innocent. He was released on a technicality. During his trial , Mr. Cosby admitted to doing what he was accused of . After only serving two years of a 3-10 year sentence he is a free man .

But what of his accusers? The women he assaulted will never be free . Their lives are forever tainted by memories of what they went through because of him . These women have had to try to rebuild their lives and now it’s all come crumbling down around them.

While Mr. Cosby at one time was a beloved celebrity, that does not excuse him from what he has done . Far from it . Nobody, and I mean nobody , has the right to violate another human being . I don’t care who you are .

Yes, they released him . They Let him go . He may be Bill Cosby , he’s sure no Cliff Huxtable .

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