Normal Is Just A Setting On The Dryer

As we continue to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic people are asking ” when will things get back to normal ? ” But in my mind, the question should be , ” what is normal when you’re dealing with a virus that has killed millions of people and is still doing so ? “

If and when we do get back to ” normal ” , what will that be like ? Right now, for most of us, normal is wearing masks , getting vaccinated, and following the CDC guidelines on an ever-changing virus . For some of us, like myself, it means getting takeout instead of dining in restaurants and not going to movie theaters , but renting movies or watching them on t.v. instead.

Today’s normal is not what it was yesterday, and it may not be the same tomorrow. The past is just that, the past , while tomorrow has yet to be .

Yes, we would all like to get back to the normalcy of our pre-pandemic lives , but things have changed . Now we each need to do what’s right for us to make our lives as normal as possible as we fight the virus .

“Normal ” is what you make of it , so make your “normal ” work for you .

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