A Shot In The Arm

Nobody likes getting a shot . It’s not fun , it hurts and I can’t think of a time that people ever got excited over getting vaccinated . Until now .

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything including our attitudes toward vaccinations . All over social media people , ( myself included ) , are posting pictures of themselves after having received their shots. It encourages others to get it done while at the same time giving us peace of mind that our friends and loved ones will be protected .

When those of us who have already been vaccinated post on social media, it gives others an idea of what to expect when it’s their turn . It let’s people know that the side effects they may or may not get are only temporary and hopefully they will be a little less nervous about getting the shot .

Yesterday I had my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine . Yes , I’ve had some side effects. Yes, my arm hurts . Yes , it’s worth it .

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