Chucks & Pearls , Empowering Women and Girls

As we all know, Vice President Kamala Harris loves her Converse sneakers , ( also known as Chucks ) and pearls. To celebrate the Vice President , a group called, appropriately enough, Chucks and Pearls Day 2021 ( now called Chucks and Pearls Forever ) was started on Facebook and as of this writing has 105k members.

Though the group was started to honor our new Vice President , it also empowers women and girls. It’s members, including myself, are women from all walks of life, women of every color, race and creed. We build each other up, straighten each other’s crowns and have fun while doing so. In fact, we all wore our own Chucks and pearls on Inauguration Day !

Watching Kamala Harris take the Oath of Office to become the first Black, Asian-American, Female Vice President of the United States was a great moment not just for our nation, but for women and girls the world over .

Some might say that history was made on January 20th , 2021. I prefer to call it herstory.

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