Let’s Put America Back Together Again

America has cornered the mass market. The mass shooting market. Last week there were several mass shootings around the country all within days of each other.What will it take to stop this insanity ? How many more lives must be lost before we find a way to put an end to the madness ?

We are saddened and horrified with each mass shooting that occurs, yet we, as a nation, seem powerless to stop them from happening time and time again.

Unfortunately, today in America, we are living in a time of hate. Hate for those with differences, whether they be of skin color, abilities, race, religion, gender, etc. Hate , instead of tolerance. Hate, instead of acceptance. Hate for all who differ from the ” norm . ” But what is the ” norm” ?

America is a melting pot. Made up of people from many different cultures and backgrounds, our diversity is what sets us apart. Yet it is hate for that same diversity which is tearing our country to pieces. It’s time to pick up those pieces . Hopefully it’s not too late, and unlike Humpty Dumpty, we can put America back together again.

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