Vote For Respect

​Laying here,  in bed , today being election day, my mind is all awhirl with thoughts of the outcome and the fate of our nation. Normally I just comment on other people’s posts, but today I’m writing a post of my own. I have things on my mind and need to get them out there. You don’t have to agree with my thoughts, all I ask is that you please read what I have to say. 

As a woman, the aunt of a wonderful 15 year old nephew who has autism, and as a Jew, this election scares me like no other. Everyone has a right to choose which candidate they will vote for. While I may not understand their choices, I do respect their right to vote for who they choose.  And respect is what it’s all about.  The disrespect shown for minorities, women, and religion has been overwhelming. As a a woman, I am appalled at how women are being portrayed. As  the aunt of someone who has autism, it makes me wonder what kind of future our nephew,  Aaron and others with disabilities will have depending on how the election ends. As a Jew, I grew up with the Holocaust as part of my history, and heritage. I learned about in Hebrew School, read about it in books, and have seen news footage of it. I have also been fortunate to have met several Holocaust survivors. I have seen the tattoos on their forearms and have listened to their stories of the horrors they endured. To see it happening in my lifetime scares the hell out of me.
No matter what happens, no matter the outcome, this is our country, our nation, our home , and we all live here together. So let’s start respecting and loving each other , and let’s erase the hate !!!

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