A Letter To Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Today , like many, I am shocked and saddened by the outcome of this election. As a woman, who is also Jewish, and has a nephew with autism,and friends & coworkers in the LGBT community, I can only wonder what’s to come .

Now that Mr. Trump has,been elected, will the hate-mongering by his supporters  continue or worsen?  Will we as a nation survive?

My husband, many friends, family, and I have been with you all the way through this campaign. Please know that we will continue to support you no matter what.

Though today I grieve, tomorrow I will pick myself up and move on. I will continue to live my life by my values, and love our country.

I applaud you,  Mrs. Clinton, for all you have done, and all that you will continue to do.


  1. Adrienne, I feel the need to comment as the alt-right, Neo-Nazi rally occurred two days ago. You asked Mrs. Clinton if Mr. Trump’s hate mongering would worsen? Charlottsville, VA answered that loud and clear, and so did yesterday’s Neo-Nazi rally in Seattle. Our worst fears have surfaced. How sad. We must fight this hatred at every opportunity.


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