Your Vote Counts! Now More Than Ever!

If you’ve been following the campaign trails of our two presidential candidates ( and who hasn’t ?), then you know what I’m talking about when I say every vote counts. And I do mean Every .  

I have never been a person who got involved in politics, but with one candidate who could potentially launch World War III if elected, and the media hype surrounding him, it’s hard not be involved. Donald Trump’s campaign has turned into a 3-ring circus . Just when you think he couldn’t say anything more unbelievable than what he already has, he does.

Even his own party is starting to turn against him,and his spin doctors are scrambling to do damage control. But the damage has already been done, and it’s irreversible. His remarks about the Khans, a Gold Star family, whose son sacrificed his life fighting for our country are truly reprehensible

As if that weren’t bad enough, Donald Trump sunk to a new low with his Second Ammendment remarks regarding our other Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Some think his remarks cause a concern for not only national security, but also the safety of Mrs. Clinton herself. They  just might be right.

Now I ask you, who is more qualified to run our country? A narcissistic, maniacal loud mouth, who would surely run the USA into ruin, or a former senator, former First lady and Secretary of State? It’s up to all of us to choose who will become our next President.  I sure hope we make the right choice.

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