Full Moon Fever

A full moon is coming.  Seeing how the kids in our class are behaving this week confirms this, besides the fact that I looked it up online.  When our kids start acting crazier than usual, I know there is a full moon somewhere on the horizon.

I have been working at an elementary school for 13 years. It never fails that the kids seem to get wilder than usual around the time of a full moon. Although it is four days away, the behavior of all the kids at the school supports my theory.

As the full moon approaches, even the best behaved kids start to act up , leaving us even more stressed than usual.  The teacher and I just look at each other in disbelief.  Throughout the day looks pass between us that seem to say,” Oh my God, we’ll never make til dismissal.”  And once dismissal has come and gone, we drag ourselves back to the classroom drained dry by the little demons that have seemed to replace our kids.

There is nothing we can do about this phenomenon. We just do the best we can until the full moon is over and things start to calm down.  We are lucky in one respect: at least none of the kids has turned into a werewolf. Yet. But I swear, if they start howling, I’m heading for the hills!

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