Valentine’s Day: It Was Some Engaging Evening

Valentine’s Day has come and gone once again. Gifts of candy and flowers were given to friends and loved ones. For some lucky ladies, it was the day they got  engaged. I am one of those lucky ladies.

 Although Steven and I had known each other for a couple of years through his sister Debbie,things between us didn’t take a romantic turn until two months ago when I told Debbie how I felt about him. She relayed my feelings to him, and we’ve been together ever since. We started talking about marriage early on in our relationship and finally decided to get engaged. And we decided to do it on Valentine’s Day.

Steven made reservations at a fancy restaurant called Vienna Cafe. The food was amazing, the atmosphere, romantic.  After dinner we went back to Steven’s apartment. It had started raining, but we made it back before it got too bad.  I turned on the lights and sat down on the sofa to relax. Steven came in a few minutes later. He walked over to me and told me he had something for me. He then reached into his shirt pocket and by accident brought out a cough drop. We had a good laugh about that. He put the cough drop back in his pocket and produced my actual Valentine’s Day present- an engagement ring. He got down on one knee in front of me,, and asked if I would do him the honor of marrying him.  I wanted to answer him immediately but he had other ideas. He started to kiss me before I had a chance to answer. When I did finally get the chance, of course I said yes!

I called my parents to tell them the news,and then my closest friends, including Steven’s sister. Steven made phone calls to his family as well. The evening passed in a flurry of phone calls, texts, and congratulations. 

This year, for me at least, Valentine’s Day was definitely an engaging evening!

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