Going Postal Over Stamps

I left work at 2:15 today and had one errand to run. I needed to buy stamps for my wedding invitations. Simple right? Think again.

I decided to go to the post office to buy the stamps for my wedding invitations because I wanted pretty ones. You can get regular stamps anywhere but the post office has a wider variety of designs. Usually.  In fact the post office is known for selling stamps. Usually.  I drove straight to the post office from work and waited on line for about 5 minutes or so. When it was my turn, I walked up to the gentleman at the counter and said I needed to buy stamps for my wedding invitations. he looked at me, shook his head, and said they didn’t have stamps. Yes, you read that right, the post office ( at least this particular one), didn’t have stamps. Now , in my 47 years on this Earth, I have never heard of such a thing. 

I walked out, grumbling under my breath, got in my car, and proceeded to drive to the nearest UPS Store. They had stamps, yay! But not pretty ones, so I thanked them and once again got in my car. This time I decided to try one more post office before I started pulling my hair out of my head.  At the next post office, not only did they have stamps, they had pretty ones. Finally, mission accomplished!  Two hours, two post offices, and one UPS Store later, I finally went home. Of course by the time I got home I was too exhausted from buying stamps to start working on my invitations. I will do that later tonight after I rest up from The Great Stamp Debacle of 2013.

 Lucky thing I didn’t go postal over this. Buying stamps at the post office, what a concept!!

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