I Had My Day In Court…Sort Of

As some of you know, I received a summons recently.  I consulted my boyfriend’s lawyer who told me to go to my car insurance agency. I went to my car insurance agency and was told they wouldn’t help me due to the fact that I’m not covered for what the people are suing me for.  I then paid $50.00 to the Broward County Bar Association to be referred to another lawyer only to find out that they couldn’t help me either, and time was running out.

On the summons it stated that I had 20 calendar days from the time I received the summons to have a written response filed with the Clerk of Courts and with the other party’s attorney.  I’ve spent most of the 20 days trying to find help, and affordable help at that. Well today was the 20th day, so I took it upon myself to draft a response, take the day off from work, and do what I had to do. 

This morning I went to the courthouse, and after setting off the metal detector with my belly ring, I filed my response with the Clerk of Courts. I was pleasantly surprised to find out there was no fee to do so.  After leaving the courthouse, I went straight to Office Max and faxed a copy of my response to the other party’s attorney. At least I have shown the court that by filing my response, that I am a responsible person and am not ignoring the situation( unlike my scum of an ex who could care less about the whole thing).  Now all that’s left is to sit and wait for what happens next. In other words…..Stay Tuned!!!!!


  1. Bravo Well done My friend Keep me posted.
    You have been so diligent with this.Love your #1 whack job friend(Need I say who this is???)


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