Good Help Is Hard to Find. And A Good Nail Tech Is Even Harder.

Are pretty nails too much to ask for?  I’ve been getting my nails done for years now. That’s the one thing, other than my hair, that I splurge on. I feel better when my hair and nails look nice. It’s just something I do for myself. Of course having your nails done every two weeks ( I have acrylics ), costs money and for a while I decided to stop . After a while, though, I knew I was going to start again. Now came the hard part, Finding a nail tech.

I got in touch with an old friend who does nails and started going to her. I enjoyed seeing her every two weeks and we got all caught up on what was going on in each other’s lives. After a few months,she told me she was moving to the central part of Florida. Before she moved, she found a new nail tech to carry on where she left off. I started going to the new girl and things were fine for a while. We started becoming friendly and even hung out once or twice. But there were some things I didn’t like about how she did or didn’t do my nails, so I decided to cut ties with her and look somewhere else.

My best friend suggested I try the place she goes to, and I thought, ” why not ?”  So every two weeks we went out for lunch and then went to get our nails done.  It’s always great spending time with my best friend, but alas, another nail tech has just bit the dust. Although I’d only been going to the nail salon my bets friend uses for only a short while, there were problems. We always had appointments, but only once did my nail tech take me on time. And just this past Sunday, we went in as usual  for our appointments, and yet again there was a problem with my nail tech. He messed up the nails of the client before me and needed to fix them. he offered to have someone else do my nails, but I like how he did them,and I told him so.  When he finally came over to do my nails, he could tell I was annoyed ( and rightly so I might add). He said that he had apologized( which he did), and I told him that while I appreciated his apology, this wasn’t the first time there had been a problem. I said it in a very nice way, but he got mad,told me to have someone else do my nails,then gathered up his things and walked off.

Meanwhile my friend’s nail tech was still working on her nails. I told my friend I would wait outside for her until she finished. She felt bad, but I told her not to worry. I knew what I was going to do. Yesterday I called Bloomingnailz At The Walk In Coral Springs, and made an appointment with Maria. Maria has done my nails in the past and is very good. She also does my sister’s nails and the nails of  a friend of mine.  As I walked out of the salon today, I know I made the right decision.

A good nail tech is hard to find, but I’ve found a good one and I’m sticking with her!


  1. Each state also has different rules and regulations for their nail technicians. The standard is usually set by the State Board of Cosmetology or the Secretary of State Department. To be a qualified nail technician, one must undergo formal training from any accredited nail technician school. They also need to acquire a license by passing the examination administered by their respective state. This means that being a nail technician means more than just having the ability to artfully paint fingers and toes. Nail Tech Wage


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