If You Don’t Open Your Mouth, You’ll Never Get a Love Life: A 9 Year-Old’s Advice To The Lovelorn

Nine year olds are really smart. At least one particular nine year old I know.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking ( or maybe bemoaning) to my best friend about my love life, or lack thereof. I also mentioned that I liked the brother of one of my other girlfriends but had never said anything . I figured even if I did, it would just end up like any other time I ” made the first move,” and not be reciprocated.   My best friend’s nine year old daughter was with us and listened to the whole conversation, after which, she offered up some very sound advice. She told me that I would never get a love life if I didn’t open my mouth.

It was an ” out of the mouths of babes,” moment.  I knew she was right and I knew I had to tell my other friend how I felt about her brother. I was nervous, but I screwed up my courage and told my friend Debbie about my feelings for her brother Steven.  Debbie was all for it. She was so happy. She had even thought about her brother and I getting together.

The next time she spoke to her brother she told him how I felt. And surprise, surprise, he was interested. Steven and I have gone out three times so far,and we’re rolling along quite nicely. We are going to continue to see each other. I never expected him to reciprocate my feelings, but he has and that makes me one lucky girl. I got the best Hanukkah present ever, a boyfriend!

And I have one very wise nine year old girl to thank. Who needs Dear Abby? I have Dear Sarah!!


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