9 Year-Olds say The Darnedest Things!

Yes, nine year-olds do say the darnedest things. Especially one nine year-old in particular, who happens to be my best friend’s daughter. Sarah turned nine in September and the things that come out of her mouth never fail to surprise me. 

Whenever I spend time at my best friend Amy’s house, her daughter, Sarah, likes to have some time alone with me. She calls it our ” quality time.”  On one such occasion we were in her room getting ready to play a game she had made up. Before we could start Sarah said she had to get me situated. I ask you, what nine year-old knows what the word ” situated” means much less how to use it in the right context? 

Yesterday was Halloween and I spent the evening with Amy and Sarah. Amy was Snow White, I was a hippie,and Sarah was Abby Bominable from the animated show Monster High. Before going out to trick or treat, Amy and I took some pictures of Sarah in her costume. I made the mistake of saying that she looked “abby”dorable. Apparently Sarah does not like
to be called adorable no matter how you say it, and she told me so in no uncertain terms. I hastily apologized and we moved on. Once outside, Sarah met up with some of her friends and the festivities began. At one point she told Amy that she was happy because she was with her posse. When I was nine I didn”t have a posse, I had friends. I’m not even sure if I knew what a posse was at that age.

Sarah blows me away on a regular basis with her sophisticated vocabulary.  Sometimes I wonder if she’s really an adult disguised as a precocious nine year-old.

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