Of All The Things I’ve Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most

” Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” I don”t know who originally said that, but for me it is sadly apropos. These days I’m lucky if I can remember my name. Case in point, this blog. I normally write my weekly blog post on Wednesday, and today is Thursday. I totally forgot to write my post yesterday and it didn’t even occur to me until this morning at work.

This has been happening a lot the for the last year or so. At first I was concerned and thought that something might be wrong. After a visit to my gynecologist last year it all began to make sense. I went to see her due to some issues I was having( my memory NOT being one of them). She asked me some questions and based on my answers she said all the signs pointed towards perimenopause. When I got home, I went online to do some research. I found a list of symptoms associated with perimenopause , two of which are fuzzy brain and forgetfulness. At least now I knew why I was forgetting things left and right.

Recently I needed to put a stamp on a piece of mail. I went into the kitchen three times before remembering to get the stamp. Today at work I had to go to the guidance counselor’s office to get packages for four of my students. I asked her to write down the names of the students , otherwise, in the couple of minutes it would take me to get back to my classroom, I would have forgotten who to give the packages to.

If  forgetfulness is a sign of getting older, then it seems I’m well on my way. Yet I can remember things from when I was a child. How that’s possible I have no clue.  I  can remind myself about something until I’m blue in the face, and still I forget. I guess I’ll have to start writing notes so I don’t forget things. I only hope I don’t forget that I wrote a note in the first place.

So now, my friends, this where you come in. I need your help in my time of forgetfulness. If any of you happen to come across my mind, please return it to me ASAP!

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