Taking Care of Me

Sometimes in the course of one’s life, things have to be done that may be unpleasant but at the same time beneficial. This past weekend I had to do just that.

Like a lot of ladies, I enjoy getting my nails done. I like picking out different colors each time I go and sometimes I get designs done on my nails as well. And no nail appointment is complete for me without a polish change on my toes to go with whatever color I choose for my fingers. My friend Janine had been doing my nails for quite a while when she told me that she was going to move to Central Fl.,  from down here in South Florida. Before she left , she along with the salon owner hired a replacement( not that anyone could replace Janine).  I was glad I didn’t have to start looking elsewhere to get my nails done and continued on with the nail tech that took over when Janine moved.

The new nail tech and I hit it off right away. I’d see her every two weeks for my regular appointment and we even hung out together a couple of times outside of the salon.  We were  fast becoming friends, but then she did some things when it came to my nail appointments that I wasn’t crazy about. Being that she was new at the salon I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But the benefit of the doubt only goes so far. There were also things that happened that had to do with our getting together and such that I had a hard time overlooking.

I had already decided to cool it as far as hanging out with her outside the salon. And as far as my nails, this past weekend was two weeks since my last appointment and I had plans Saturday so I couldn’t make an appointment with her. The salon where she works is closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday,and she is going  to be out of town this coming weekend so I did what I had to do. I have acrylic nails and though it was only two weeks since my last appointment, four of the nails had come off, which shouldn’t have happened. 

As fate would have it, I had plans with my best friend all weekend, including going out to lunch on Sunday then going with her to her nail appointment. She knew what was going on so she made me an appointment at the nail salon she goes to. And it’s a good thing I went. According to the tech who did my nails, If I had waited any longer to come in, I would have had mold in my nails. That’s something I sure didn’t need.

So, as nice as my former nail tech may be, and as much as I don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings, I had to do what was in my best interest. I am not the type of person who discards other people when I am done with them . This was just a case of having to do what was best for me.

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  1. Glad you found out before you had damage to your nails!! Sometimes nice isn't always best! I would let the former salon know of your problem, so that you can help others prevent damage!


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