Puppy Love

” And they called it Puppy Love…”    Once upon a time, when Donny Osmond sang those words, many a girl and woman swooned. But I’m talking about a whole different kind of puppy love. I’m talking about the kind of puppy love that comes with four legs, a tail, a fur coat, and lots of kisses.

I’ve been around dogs all my life. I grew up with them, and can’t imagine ever being without one. Dogs love unconditionally. Whether you’ve been gone 5 hours or just five minutes , a dog is always happy to see you when you return. After a long day at work, there’s nothing like coming home and being greeted with the intense enthusiasm that only a dog can show.  By coming home you’ve made their day and by loving you, they’ve made yours.

No matter how tired I may be when I get home,  I always feel better after a love fest with my dogs. Dogs also have the uncanny ability to know when you are sick, or sad, and they know just how to cheer you up. With a lick of the tongue and a wag of the tail, a dog can make it all better.

So as much as I like Donny Osmond ( yes I am a fan), it’s ” Puppy Love,” of the furry kind for me.

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