I See Fireworks

Or at least I hear them. Even though the 4th of July is two days away, people have been setting off fireworks for quite a while already.. Every evening as I sit and watch tv, I hear what sounds like small claps of thunder in the neighborhood. When I check the weather channel, it shows nothing but sunny skies, so I know that what I’m hearing is not thunder, but fireworks. 

Every year  people start celebrating the 4th of July earlier and earlier. At least they seem to get in the spirit of things way before the actual day arrives.  Starting around Memorial Day, tents go up  all over the place with fireworks for sale. It’s amazing how much money some people will spend on these jumbo sized noisemakers.  One summer, my now ex-boyfriend and I went fireworks shopping with his son. Although we were conservative in our spending, we saw people with two and three carts full of fireworks.  Who needs that many firecrackers , roman candles, and rocket launchers? Were they planning to start a war, or maybe stocking up for the apocalypse? 

No matter how much you spend on fireworks, the 4th of July is a time for friends, family, and summer fun. This year, I will be  spending it with my sister and some of our good friends.

 Whatever your plans, I wish you all a Safe, and Happy 4th of July! 

One comment

  1. The 4th is my favorite !!! A rebels HOLLIDAY !!! bad ass and LOUD !!! God …or not … BLESS AMERICA!!!


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