Summertime Means Summer Camp

With school out for the summer, many parents thoughts turn to summer camp. Summer camp affords working parents a safe, fun-filled way for their children to spend the day until school starts up again. Some kids opt for sleep-away, while others prefer to stay at home and attend day camp. When I was a kid my parents enrolled me in a day camp of which I have many, many fond memories.

I was a Girl Scout as a child, so for five summers, I went to Rocky Brook Girl Scout Camp in Eastchester N.Y. There was a huge cabin, lots of land, and of course the, rocky brook of the camp’s name. Each morning as we campers were dropped off, we sat on the steps in front of the cabin. They  were made of wood , and called ” The Singing Steps,” because once all campers had arrived, we would sing camp songs while sitting there waiting to start our day.

Once the singing was over, our day began. There were field trips, cookouts, arts and crafts, and a daily walk in the brook. If the weather turned bad, we would stay dry inside the main cabin.Every once in a while we even had overnight camp-outs complete with tents, S’mores and scary stories.

Though I was a camper at Rocky Brook back in the seventies, I hold my memories of my time there quite dear. I was thrilled to recently find out that, thirty something years later, Rocky Brook is still a working camp. Rocky Brook even has a page on Facebook where I can go look at photos and keep up with what’s going on there.

Thank you, Rocky Brook, for fun-filled summers and memories to last a lifetime!

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