We’re All In This Together

I was just chatting  online with a dear friend of mine, Mary C.  We went to middle and high school together, which was quite a few years ago, but through the wonders of Facebook, seems like it was just yesterday.  Recently someone who I thought was a friend dropped me like a hot potato when the going got tough( check out the Thanksgiving edition of my blog for the story on that). Mary read that edition of my blog and made an astute observation: a true friend is an ” all-weather friend,” not  just a ” fair-weather friend.”  Now, Mary and I went to school together as kids, but eventually lost touch as often happens through the years. We went through things in our friendship and there was hurt along the way. After finding each other again on Facebook we were able to put the hurt and the past behind us and renew our friendship. I for one, am very glad we did. I feel very blessed that through the wonders of the internet and Facebook , I have been able to find and renew friendships with people I knew as kids and now know as mature adults.  We may live miles apart, we may not see each other or talk on a daily basis,  but we are there for one another when needed.  To me, that is true friendship. Mary C., thank you for being an ” all-weather friend.”  Remember, we’re all in this together.

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