Turkey Day Shouldn’t Be a Turkey

Well here it is. It’s the day before Thanksgiving( how did it get here so fast?), and people are scrambling for last minute meal items. My my mother sent me out today for a few things too( but in all fairness she’s sick with a cold and needed to stay home and rest). So She sent me to the local Wal-Mart supermarket and I was in and out of there in record time. At first all I could think was” She’s sending me to Wal-Mart the day before Thanksgiving,” which is insane. But then she told me it was the Wal-Mart Supermarket ( one of many that have sprung up over the last couple of years). I actually got an awesome parking spot and it wasn’t even crowded inside.  Had she sent me to a regular Super Wal-Mart, I would’ve spent at least the better part of an hour finding a parking spot, hopefully getting a cart, fighting the crowds inside, then waiting online for two hours. The Wal-Mart supermarket idea was way better.  Then after I dropped off the groceries I had the rest of the day to myself.  I did a lot of thinking. I thought about how  I went through a breakup( not my idea) six months ago, moved in with someone  who I thought was a friend, then a few months later, said “friend” asked me to move out.  I moved back in with my parents( my sister was already living with them.). It’s a bit crowded, but not really since it’s family.  Shortly after I moved  back  home, my ” friend” decided she needed less drama in her life and that we shouldn’t speak for now( it’s not like we were speaking much by this point anyhow), and even took me off her Facebook.  I was hurt at first , then angry, but I got over it. I figure it’s her loss.  At least my former boyfriend and I still talk. he’ll call every once in a while to say hello, and I am thankful to still have him in my life in some capacity, whatever it may be.  So with all this drama, I’ve been a little melancholy as the holidays approach, but no more.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I won’t let it be a turkey of a day. I’ll be spending the day with family, eating good food. I’ll make some phone calls to wish friends a Happy Turkey Day, then after eating too much( don’t we all?), I’ll call the day a success.  So  to everyone out there, have a wonderful day and don’t get too stuffed or someone might Gobble you!

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