Black Lives Matter Just As Much As Yours

Black lives matter. Some people may argue that ” all ” lives matter, and while that is true, right now , what is going on in our country is about black lives . And it needs to stop. The hate, the bigotry, the senseless. killing should not be happening and cannot be allowed to continue.

That someone should be killed because of their skin color is unfathomable to me, yet it keeps happening. As a white woman approaching middle age I am trying to understand why this should be. As a Jew I understand that hate and discrimination have been around for a long time and unless we take action, and speak out it will not stop.

I am also beginning to understand what is meant by ” white privilege ” . As a person with white skin, I can go for a jog, go to the store, sit at a table in Starbucks, all without fearing for my life. I can approach a police officer for help, and not worry about being unjustly arressted or assaulted. All because I am white.

” White privilege,” should not exist . All people , no matter their race, religion, or skin color should be able to go about their lives without fear. Whatever happened to ” All men are created equal ,” ? We are all members of the same race, the human one , and we need to start acting like it.

The black community is important and has so much to offer. They have so much to teach us, and I for one am willing to learn. So let’s stand up and raise our fists. Because Black Lives Matter.

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