Social Media: To Post Or Not To Post ?

With the world having been on lockdown , social media has become our haven. More than ever before we are using social media to stay connected with the world while staying inside to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I write poetry and have been using social media as a portal of hope one might say. I have been writing almost every day and posting my poems on Facebook and Instragram . It is my way of offering up hope during this difficult time.

Besides poems of hope, I have been writing some fun song parodies to inject a bit of much needed humor into a tough situation. This brings me to the subject at hand. Should you post something that you know might not go over well with people whose opinions and views differ from yours?

The other day I wrote a song parody that I have not yet posted . I have sent it privately to friends who I know will like it. I understand that if I do decide to post it some people may not react well.

In this day and age it is sad that before we post anything on social media, we must first stop and think about the possible repercussions it may have. My song parody is not intended to offend, but it will. There is also another unpleasant yet possible outcome and that is losing friendships.

As adults, we should be mature enough to be able to agree to disagree . Sadly, that is not always the case. I will have to think long and hard before I make a decision about posting this particular song parody. It is not an easy decision to have to make.

To post or not to post on social media. That is the question. I sure wish I knew the right answer.

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