Charmageddon: The Toilet Paper Apocalypse

Toilet paper is one of our most basic daily needs, and always has been . But now, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, toilet paper is flying of the shelves like never before. I don’t quite understand it. Living in South Florida for almost 28 years, I can understand water, bread and other things being bought like crazy in the face of an upcoming hurricane. Even then, I have never once seen toilet paper being hoarded like it is now. If we can ride out a hurricane without hoarding toilet paper, surely we can ride out this pandemic without doing so as well.

People are panicking and only thinking of themselves. No one is thinking about their neighbors. No one is thinking about the elderly , who are the most vulnerable of all. By hoarding basic necessities and other things there is nothing left for anyone else. If people would just shop as they normally do, there would be plenty on the shelves for everyone. Yes, it is a scary time right now, but we need to think of each other and help one another out.

Let’s face it. Toilet paper won’t save your butt. Using common sense and taking the proper precautions will.

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