Are Jew Looking At Me ? 

A friend , who is also Jewish, was visiting from out of town recently, and commented on the Star of David I wear around my neck. She said she was surprised I was wearing it, because according to her mother it was like waving a flag and saying, ” Anti-Semites here I am !”  Her family has had experiences with the concentration camps so I can understand her mother’s feelings, which I told my friend. I also told my friend that I refuse to let anyone intimidate me or make me feel ashamed because of my faith or culture. I said that people walk around wearing crucifixes, and other symbols of faith, so why shouldn’t I ?  If someone doesn’t like my Star of David and what it represents, that’s their problem, not mine. Hate is on the rise and we must stand against it.  I will continue to wear my Star Of David and be proud of who I am, proud of my faith and my heritage. Are Jew looking at me? I hope so !I am an American, I am a Jew, and I am proud ! 


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