Methinks They Doth Protest Too Much

I just saw on Twitter that Westboro Baptist Church is going to protest a concert given by Idina Menzel in Kansas City. Idina Menzel, whose song”Let it Go, ” is known by Frozen fans far and wide. Who will they protest next? Mickey Mouse? 

Westboro Baptist claims to be a “church,” but no genuine house of worship, be it a church, synagogue, mosque, what have you, would ever do this. Hypocrites,  that’s what they are.

Idina Menzel and others use the gifts God gave them to entertain us and bring us joy. What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you what, absolutely nothing! And yet when Idina Menzel performs in Kansas City next week, Westboro Baptist is going to protest and preach Jesus Christ to her. Wonder what would happen if they were to find out that Ms. Menzel is actually Jewish? I think they’d probably have a stroke.

People should be able to use whatever gifts they have been given without repercussions . I have been given a gift as well, and I’m using my gift to write this blog post. 

Westboro Baptist Church? Westboro Craptist Cult is more like it. I hope they see this blog. What are they going to do , protest me?

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