Heads Up !!

They say two heads are better than one. In my case, one head is more than enough. Especially after doing what I did. And what I did was quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in almost 51 years of living.
The other morning I was making my coffee as usual. While our Keurig machine was heating up, I went about getting creamer and Sweet n Low out to put into my coffee. I got the creamer from the fridge easily enough, but getting the Sweet n Low was a whole different matter.
First of all, we keep the Sweet n Low in a bottom cabinet that we have to squat down to reach. Now, I’ve gotten many things out of this cabinet before with no problem. Until the other day. I squatted down in front of the cabinet and opened the door only to smack myself in the forehead with it. And yes, it hurt. A lot.

I got the Sweet n Low out, shut the cabinet, and stood up. I took the closest thing that was cold ( a container of Philadelphia Cream Cheese that I was getting ready to use,) and applied it to my aching head for a couple of minutes. I then continued to make my coffee and breakfast which I took into the bedroom. It was only then that I looked in the mirror and discovered my forehead was a lovely shade of red with a small cut on it. Later on , if that wasn’t enough, a small lump formed as well. So I went through the rest of the day looking like the walking wounded !
This morning, not only did my husband get the Sweet n Low out for me, he even brought it into our bedroom and placed it on my nightstand . Guess after seeing my head, he didn’t trust me near that cabinet, lol. Not that I blame him. It seems I can be hazardous to my own health!

My head may still be a little  sore, but it’s my ego that got bruised. Oh well  I’ll get over it. This time. From now on though, if you see me going to open a cabinet, shout out a warning , or at least give me a heads up !


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