Hey! Hey! I”m A Believer!


It’s their 50th Anniversary, and The Monkees have a brand new cd out to celebrate. But we, the fans, are the ones celebrating. All the Monkeemaniacs out there, myself included, are thrilled beyond belief that our guys are back!  The new cd, Good Times, gives off a groovy vibe,and reminds us exactly why we love The Monkees. There is even a vintage track, “Love To Love,” featuring the late Davy Jones on lead vocals. Hearing Davy’s voice is bittersweet but it wouldn’t be the same without him. Good Times is dedicated to Davy and it shouldn’t be any other way. Micky, Peter, & Mike, thank you for bringing good times to us once again with ” Good Times.”  Hey! Hey! I’m A Believer in The Monkees, and always will be!

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