That’s What Friends( and Family, and A Wonderful Boyfriend), Are For

” That’s what friends are for.”  It’s not just a song , but a truism.  My life recently took a turn for the unexpected and I’m learning just what family and friends are for.
Three years ago my ex-boyfriend, henceforth known as ” the scum of the earth,” or any name of your choosing, had an accident with my car. I had let him use it one day because his mode of transportation wasn’t working. He dropped me at work in the morning and was supposed to pick me up that same afternoon. He called me a little while before he was supposed to come get me to tell me about the accident. I, of course immediately asked if he was okay( like a good girlfriend should do). He assured me he was fine but needed to get the car towed home. I got a ride home from the teacher I was working with at the time and met him there.
A week later he broke up with me and I moved out. Not too much longer after that, I received a letter from the insurance company used by the people involved in the accident. I called the insurance company and answered their questions, gave them the info they asked for and even filled out and returned forms that they mailed to me. After that I didn’t hear from them again and figured the insurance companies had taken care of things. I figured wrong.
This past Saturday I was served with a summons seemingly pertaining to the accident three years ago. I called my ex ,( the scum of the earth), after receiving said summons ,and from our conversation it was clear he wasn’t going to do anything to help me. I have a wonderful new boyfriend named Steven  who spoke to his lawyer on my behalf. The lawyer asked Steven to have me call him, which I did,and I’ll be calling him again.
My friends have also been there for me, wishing me well and being angry at  my ex,(the scum of the earth ), on my behalf. They have been giving me all kinds of welcome advice and generally ” have my back,” in all of this. My family also supports me as I make my way through this.
Being there in my time of need, supporting me,and ” having my back.” That is indeed what friends, family and a wonderful boyfriend are for.


  1. Thank you!! I know you have my back, just as I always have yours. Friends are precious and I cherish everyone of mine. Friends are most definitely gifts from God.


  2. I got your Back Adrienne always, The Scum of the Earth has no consideration for you what so ever and Writing this Story maybe helped you. I would never turn my back on a friend Wrong or right,Friendship is a bond in your heart with a person you Love and enjoy having in your life,A gift from God to always have a friend….


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