Starbucks Is A Girl’s Best Friend .

Forget what they say about diamonds, it’s really Starbucks that’s a girl’s best friend. Sure diamonds are pretty and they sparkle, but they’re expensive, and if you can’t afford them, you’re out of luck. Everyone can afford Starbucks and there’s one on practically every corner these days. 

I am a woman, and yes I like things that shine and are sparkly, but at the end of a tough day at work, the the chocolaty goodness of a mocha frappuccino( with whipped cream!) does a lot to make things better. With the  first sip, I close my eyes as the coolness of the drink glides down my throat , and immediately all is once more right with the world.. 

Getting together with girlfriends over a frappuccino has helped many a woman get through a breakup. Just holding the cup in your hand, knowing it’s there for you ( unlike the guy who broke up with you), gives you a feeling of security. I’ve never heard of Starbucks breaking  up with anybody, have you?

Starbucks has healing properties, I firmly believe that. Anybody who says otherwise has never been to  a Starbucks. Ever.  My only dilemma? Mocha frappuccino, Java Chip frappuccino, or Chai Tea?
Once I get that figured out, everything else falls into place.

So now I’ll take a sip of my mocha frappuccino( what , did you think I’d be writing this and not have one?) and wash away the troubles of the day. Yes, Starbucks is most definitely a girl’s best friend!

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