Thunderstorms and Hurricanes and Monsoons, Oh My!!

I live in South Florida otherwise known as ” Storm Central,”. Our rainy season starts in May, with Hurricane season  beginning  June 1st, and going til the end of November. Which makes for ample time for plenty of storms.  Once Hurricane season begins, we watch the weather reports like hawks. As soon as we’re alerted to a tropical storm or possible hurricane, we go into ” survival,” mode. Hurricane survival that is. We stock up on batteries of every size, water,and canned goods. Whatever isn’t used will be saved in case another hurricane should come to visit.

But hurricanes aren’t the only kind of storm we deal with. There is also the every day, run-of-the-mill, thunderstorm. During this time of year you can set your clocks, and watches by the weather.Almost every afternoon,anywhere from 1:00 to 4:00, there is a thunderstorm. In fact, when I left work at 3pm today, the clouds were already gathering. As I was driving, the sky kept getting darker and darker. After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts( hey, a girl’s gotta have her pumpkin iced coffee!), I got back in the car and headed for home.When I left Dunkin Donuts, it was raining lightly but by the time I got to my house ( which is only a few minutes away), it was full-out storming. Thunder, lightning, and monsoon-like rain. I pulled in the driveway and sat in the car. That is, until a particularly loud clap of thunder convinced me to open my umbrella and make a run for the front door.  Now I’m inside, the storm is over, and my feet are finally dry.

Come on down and see me sometime, but if you come during the summer, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We welcome you to Hurricaneland, a.k.a. South Florida, and as the saying goes, ” There’s no place like home.


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  1. Soooooo true…and now we are getting some of those heavy, nasty storms too in upstate New York…thanks for sharing (both the anectdote and the storms)!!!


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