Survival of the Fittest a.k.a The First Week of School

It’s the first week of school here in South Florida and we’re in survival mode. Anyone who works at a school knows what I’m talking about. After being off all summer we are once again spending our days filling young minds with wisdom. We’re also getting up at an ungodly early hour , the likes of which haven’t been seen since school let out in early June.

After waking up at the aforementioned way too early hour, we fill our veins with caffeine in the form of coffee to hopefully jump start our central nervous systems. We then continue on , getting dressed, eating breakfast and finally we are ready to begin our day.

At the elementary school where I work, we have a Headstart PreK program. I have worked as an assistant in this program with 4 year-olds for many years. This year I am with a new teacher, and with 3 year-olds for the first time.  Let me tell you, 3 year-olds are tough! Many of them have never been away from their parents before and so when they are dropped off there is enough crying to make you want to cry!

But on the flip side, the little ones are sooooo cute! Some of them are so tiny they make me feel tall, and I’m only 4’11” !   The teacher I am working with is really nice and we get along well. The first week of school is always crazy, but so far we are holding our own.

In two days it will be Friday and we will have made it through. When it comes to the first week of school, survival of the fittest is what it’s all about!

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