The Dog Days and Last Days of Summer

I don’t know where the summer has gone. Here we are in August, or what’s commonly referred to as ” the dog days of summer.” The days are long and hot, yet summer is at a close. The ” back-to-school,” sales have begun, and some stores already have Halloween merchandise on display.

While up North school doesn’t begin until after Labor day, here in South Florida, school will begin in just a couple of weeks. Teachers officially return to school next week, but some have already begun setting up their classrooms.  As a teacher’s assistant I return to school the same day as the kids, but I am going in next Monday.  I think it’s a good idea to find out what I’ll be doing and who I’ll be working with BEFORE the kids come back.

Once school starts, things get a little hectic so now is the time to see friends. This week I have already met one girlfriend for coffee and will try to get together with a couple of others.  It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over but here you have it.

Yes, the dog days of summer are upon us, and  I for one intend to enjoy every last woof of them !

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