If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Stay Out of South Florida.

Here we are at almost the end of July in South Florida. It is the time of year when those of us who live here fervently give thanks to the Gods of Air-Conditioning.  When just walking from your car to the store practically causes heat stroke, you know it’s hot.  In, fact, the other day I got a call from one of my girlfriends . She said,” Hell is coming up through the pavement!”  I’d say that’s a pretty apt description .

If we have to go outside,and most of us do for one reason or another, it doesn’t take long before we are yearning to be inside. Whether it’s work, home, or  wherever, it doesn’t matter as long as it has air-conditioning. Staying cool becomes a top priority during the summer down here. We walk around with water bottles in our hands to stave off dehydration, refilling them as necessary, and wear the lightest clothes possible to allow our skin to breathe.

Ice cream sales go way up during the summer. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to finish your ice cream before it melts all over you.  Yet, despite the heat, South Florida is a great place to live and vacation, unless you’re Frosty the Snowman, in which case all bets are off !

So come on down and stay awhile. But to paraphrase the old saying,” If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of South Florida!”

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