Yes, You Can Go Home Again

Whoever said,” You can’t go home again,” was wrong. You can go home again, and there is more than one way to do it. I was born in Mt. Vernon N.Y., and lived there until I was 11and1/2 years old.Though I moved out many years ago and currently live in South Florida, Mt. Vernon remains in my heart. Through the wonder of Facebook, I am in touch with many of my friends from Mt. Vernon, who I went to elementary school with.  Because I live so far away, Facebook or telephone calls are the ways I go home again most often , but occasionally home comes to me.  Elysa, one of my girlfriends from Mt. Vernon has in-laws who live not far from me and we have seen each other several times when she has come to visit them. And just yesterday Mt. Vernon came to me once more. My friend Sheila, her sister Marcia, and other family members had been traveling through South Florida on vacation from their home in Sumter, South Carolina. Sheila and I really wanted to see each other, so we decided to meet up in Ft. Lauderdale, as she and her family were on their way home. Though we didn’t have much time we made it count( it had been 35 years since we last saw each other after all).  We hugged, we took pictures and caught up on who was doing what, which teachers are no longer around( and which still are, including our 4th grade teacher a.k.a. ” the teacher from hell). After a too-short, but sweet reunion, Sheila and her family got back on the road to continue their journey home. They’ll be back down around Christmas time, and hopefully we’ll have more time to catch up( we have 35 years of catching-up to do).So, yes, you can go home again. No matter how you get there, you’ll enjoy the visit.

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