An Open Letter To Kanye West

Mr. West ,
Your recent Anti-Semitic comments are reprehensible , vile , and disgusting . 6 million Jews were tortured and killed in the Holocaust . To say that you like Hitler , to say the Nazis should not be dissed , is more than wrong . It is a slap in the face , not only to those who perished , but to those who survived and to their families .

Adolf Hitler was the personification of Evil and the Nazis were his minions . To not only kill people , but to torture them, and carry out experiments on them by men like Josef Mengele and others is incomprehensible. And all because these people were Jewish .

The Holocaust was and will always be the worst hate crime in history . There are those , and perhaps you are one of them, who deny the Holocaust happened . You , and they, are wrong .

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing several Holocaust survivors . I have seen the tattoos on their arms . I have listened as they told their stories of the horrors that they endured . Not only did they survive , they thrived .

So, Mr. West , by siding with Hitler and the Nazis , you have shown yourself to be as evil as them . I am Jewish, and even knowing this , I do not wish any harm to befall you .

And that , Mr. West, is the difference between Good and Evil .

Sincerely ,

Adrienne Asher

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