Get Cozy With a Mystery

Mystery novels are great. Reading a mystery is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. And just like a jigsaw puzzle , getting the pieces to fit can be hard or easy.

Some mystery novels are more hard-hitting and complex than others. For those of you who prefer a lighter reading experience, cozy mysteries are just the ticket.

Cozy mysteries take place in everyday situations, with everyday people, in everyday places. In other words, cozy mysteries are easy to relate to. When reading a cozy mystery, I find myself wanting to visit the town it takes place in, and also wanting to be friends with the main character(s) . Though it is more light-hearted than a regular mystery , a cozy mystery still has pieces to put together and a puzzle to solve.

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Tonya Kappes, Lucy Burdette, Ellery Adams , Mollie Cox Bryan, and Sofie Kelly are just a few of the cozy mystery authors I follow and read. Sam Cheever is another cozy author whom I will be starting to read very soon. These are some of the many cozy authors out there. You can learn more about them by checking out their websites, or by joining groups like Sleuthing Women and Cozy Town Sleuths on Facebook.

It’s time to get cozy!!


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