The Trump Presidency a.k.a. The Fourth Reich

After Donald Trump came to power as President of the United States, our nation began to crumble. Hate , racism, and white supremacy went on the rise and left the country divided. Innocent children have been ripped from the arms of their parents as families attempted to enter our country in hopes of a better life. The children have then been transported to detention centers that resemble nothing more than huge cages, in what some liken to concentration camps. It is all too eerily similar to when Adolf Hitler rose to power in Nazi Germany.

After the Holocaust, when those who had survived horrors beyond understanding were freed from the death camps , ” Never Forget, ” became their motto. Sadly, it has become apparent that too many people today have forgotten.

What has become of America ? What happened to this great ” Land of Opportunity, ” where people would come from all over to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones ? What has happened to us ?

They say that Good always triumphs over Evil. What we need to do is find the good in ourselves and push all the evil out. Out of others, out of power, out of office.

I have one thing to say to the head of this ” Fourth Reich,” and his soldiers : don’t worry about being judged when it’s your time to leave this Earth. Hell is waiting, and Adolf is saving a place for you.

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