Fly Like An Eagle

It’s been two weeks since the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Two weeks since the lives of those in Broward County Florida were changed forever, but none more so than the Stoneman Douglas community. I live in Broward County Florida and work as a Paraprofessional at a Broward County Florida elementary school. Now, everyday when I go to work, I wonder if this will be the day it happens at my school. I have always been vigilant when I go on my morning post. Now I am hypervigilant, but I refuse to be scared. I, along my co-workers, continue to keep things normal for our students. Yet I wonder, will things ever be normal again for the Stoneman Douglas survivors? The students at Stoneman Douglas returned today for the first time since the shooting. They returned to school today, after going to the funerals of their friends and teachers . Friends and teachers They will never see again. Still, through it all , they have remained strong. They have become activists for gun control. They have gone to Tallahassee, and participated in a CNN Town Hall hoping to get changes made. They are teenagers, and they are amazing. Many of these kids will be old enough to vote very soon, and anyone running for office or re-election should be afraid . They should be very afraid. I am not religious by any means, but this quote keeps popping into my head : ” And a child shall lead them . ” The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are leading us, and I for one, am happy to follow them.

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