The Reports Are In

Today at work, I had to report an incident involving a co-worker to my boss. In the 18 years I’ve been at my job, there was only one other time I had to report a co-worker. It wasn’t an easy thing to do then, and it wasn’t any easier to do now.

Recently a previous incident involving this same co-worker was reported to the boss, and since I work closely with her I have been keeping my eyes open. Well, today was my day to go to the boss .

I reported exactly what happened, and what I saw. When I was done, I walked out of my boss’s office with a pounding heart and shaking hands. This is not something I wanted to do. It was something I had to do. And I know that once the boss talks to my co-worker, working with her will most likely be uncomfortable.

Making the decision to go to my boss was both easy and hard. Easy because I knew I had to do it, but hard because I know things between my co-worker and I will probably never be the same. You know what? I’ll deal with it.

I know I did the right thing, no matter what the outcome. I can live with that.

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