Robin Williams: He Made The World Laugh.

Like the rest of the world, I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Robin Williams’ death.  Described as ” the funniest man in the world,” and a ” sweet, gentle man,”  by colleagues and peers, it is hard to wrap one’s mind around this news. It just doesn’t compute. 

He first came to our attention on an episode of Happy Days as an alien named ” Mork,” from the planet,” Ork.”  After that appearance, Robin Williams’ star was on the rise. Not long after that cameo appearance on Happy Days, Robin got his own series , ” Mork and Mindy.”   ” Mork,”  soon became everyone’s favorite alien, and we were happy to visit with him every week via our television sets.

Robin Williams also made many memorable movies, both comedy and drama alike. Though he was everyone’s favorite funnyman, he was also a  wonderful dramatic actor as well. Movies such as, Hook, Jumanji, Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam , Mrs. Doubtfire and others endeared him to us in such a way, that now in the wake of his passing, we mourn him as if he had been a member of any of our families.

Though we mourn him, at the same time we will never forget what he gave to us.  Simply put, he made us laugh. And that is something we will hold in our hearts forever. 

Robin Williams made the whole world laugh.  Now it’s Heaven’s turn.

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