If The Shoe Fits

A few days ago, I went out to breakfast with one of my girlfriends, and afterwards we decided to go to the mall for a while.  Maybe not the best decision after all. We walked around in JC Penney for a while, then walked into the mall itself. As we walked ,we decided to check out the new Kohl’s that recently opened in the mall. Again, not such a wise decision.We walked around Kohl’s until we found ourselves in the shoe department. And being the girls that we are, we decided to have fun and try on some shoes.  Now trying on shoes doesn’t normally result in injury, but we didn’t try on just any old shoes. Noooooo, we had to go and decide to try on platform shoes.  My girlfriend, Debbie went first. She tried on a gorgeous electric blue platform pump. She wobbled a little but grabbed on to me and was otherwise fine. Then I had to get into the act. I decided to try on a leopard print platform sandal.  I sat down and put the shoe on, buckling it around my ankle. I slowly stood up while holding onto a nearby shelf. Once I was standing and feeling pretty good about it, I let go of the shelf. That was a big mistake. No sooner than I let go of the shelf, then my foot wobbled and twisted to the side.  I started to fall but my girlfriend caught me in time.  Just the same, I immediately sat right down,  took the shoe off and put my trusty sneaker back on. After all that we walked around the mall a little more( and I did notice that my foot was hurting). After a while, Debbie had to leave. I stayed a few minutes longer, then went home.  Arriving home, I took my shoes and socks off to discover that the foot I had twisted was  a little red and swollen. I iced it for a good long while and that seemed to help. I went to work the next day and it was still bothering me but I figured since I had just hurt it to the day before it was to be expected.  Yesterday  My foot seemed okay. After work my foot started to bother me again. I had gone with a girlfriend from work to get mocha frappes at McDonald’s and my foot started hurting just sitting there. I was still having pain on and off even after I got home, so I decided to go to the local ER for an x-ray.  It was a little busy there but eventually a cute young doctor came and looked at my foot. He ordered x-rays of course. As I was sitting waiting for the results, another gentleman in scrubs came over to me. He asked me how tall I was and if I had ever used crutches before. All I could do was wonder what I had done to my foot. Thankfully  no bones were broken, but they said I had a sprained ankle. The next thing I knew, they were putting a splint on my ankle, and teaching how to walk with crutches( what a sight that was to behold!). I attempted to go to work today, but too much walking( or should I say ” crutching”) made it difficult to get around ,so I came home. I won’t be going in the rest of the week,and have an appointment with an orthopedist on Friday.   So the moral of the story is: “Even if the shoe fits, you shouldn’t always wear it ! “

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