New Year, New Resolve

Well here it is, the new year.  I’m sure I’m not the only one to make a resolution or two.  My resolution? To stop being a spendthrift and manage my money better. And the first thing I did on this first day of the new year? You guessed it, I headed straight for the mall!  The mall in question was the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise Florida( our local outlet mall). To be fair, I actually went to pop in and visit my sister who works in the Neiman Marcus outlet, and maybe see a celebrity or two. Yes, celebs shop at the outlets too. Guess thay like a bargain as much as the rest of us, although what they consider a bargain and what we mere mortals consider a bargain are sure to differ.  So yes, despite my resolution, I went to the mall, stopping at Arby’s on the way for lunch( hey I only spent $6.00 there).  Once I got to the mall it was time to play a game I’ll call,” Find A Parking Spot.”  I figured now that Christmas was over I should be able to find a parking spot with ease. Am I a fool or what? It took at least 15 minutes,and  several laps around the parking lot while stalking people leaving stores with bags in their hands, like a lion stalking its prey, before I found a spot. Once parked, I got out of the car, walked past Crate and Barrel which was closing and headed into Neiman Marcus.  I walked around a bit, admiring the merchandise, before spotting my sister and walking over to say hello. Since she was working, I left it at that and went to explore the rest of the mall. I hadn’t been there in a while so I decided to take a walk around. I stopped in at Books-A-Million to have a look around, then went on my merry way.  I also stopped into the Liz Claiborne outlet which like Crate and Barrel is also closing. Didn’t see anything to my liking at Liz Claiborne either. So I walked on some more. After a while I decided it was time to leave( escape may be a better word). I don’t care what they say, the economy is alive and well at Sawgrass Mills. The sheer number of people was amazing. I made my way back to Neiman Marcus and waved good-bye to my sister. After what I went through to find my parking spot, I gladly gave it up to a car of young people, sparing them my experience. Then I got the hell out and headed straight for Dunkin Donuts  and an iced coffee. Caffeine cures everything!  Happy New Year ! One day down, 364 to go!

P.S.  So far my resolve remains intact…I didn’t spend anything at the mall. Yay me!
P.P.S.  No celebrity sightings this trip.

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