Cry Me A River ( I Certainly Do )

As a child and teenager I read books, watched t.v. and movies with no lasting aftereffects. I had no problems in my twenties or early thirties either. As I approached my late 30s and now 40s, however, all that changed.

Now if I come across an emotional point in a book, t.v. show, or movie, the waterworks start unbidden. Once during an episode of All My Children an intervention was staged for one of the characters and I sat there in front of my t.v. set with tears streaming down my face. Then there was the time I was reading a book called Bridge To Terabithia, and once again, I started welling up  while reading an emotional passage in the book.  And don’t even get me started on those commercials for abused animals. Those I can’t even watch. I start crying then have to change the channel . 

Which brings me to the reason for my latest wave of waterworks. Susan Boyle. Never before has an artist of any kind induced in me the emotion that she has. I can’t listen to her sing without tears forming in my eyes immediately. Last night online, I listened to an interview she did to promote her new album, Standing Ovation. As they played a snippet of ” Send in the Clowns,” from the CD, I started blubbering right on cue.

If  I can’t listen to just a clip of a Susan Boyle song, I don’t how I’ll make it through the whole CD, which arrived from today. Listening to each song in it’s entirety just might do me in. Right now I’m still  trying to get the plastic wrapping off,which could  take a while. But that might not be such a bad thing. At the rate I’m going, there isn’t enough Kleenex in the world to get me through a performance by Susan Boyle.

I will be listening to the CD later, so here’s hoping a wave of tears doesn’t turn me upside down and send me on my own personal Poseidon Adventure.  Where’s Gene Hackman when you need him?


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  1. Crying makes you human….it shows that you care and you have feelings! You should worry about the people who never sho emotions…..this coming from a gal who cries over Hallmark commercials! LOL!!


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